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Diagrams With PlantUML and Emacs

Starting With Dia When I had to draw UML diagrams, the tool I first used was Dia – an open-sourced diagraming software. Dia is a great tool. I have not used Microsoft Visio before, so I cannot compare what short-comings it has compared to Visio. The other tool I tried was yEd. I did not feel comfortable using it, and always went back to using Dia. Couple of years ago, with a new job, I had to draw lots of…

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From Vim To Emacs

Disclaimer: This is not a “Vim vs Emacs” type of blog post. I wrote this to share my thoughts of using both of them. Vim Vi or vim (Vi IMproved) is a text editor. It is installed on almost all of the *nix systems. You can choose to use it with the GUI, or, use it in the terminal or command prompt. I started using vim at around 2006/07. This was at one of my previous jobs where the servers…

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