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A Better Web Experience with the Keyboard

When I use a computer, I like to have both hands on the keyboard, or specifically on the home row. I find that it is more productive than having to move them to grab the mouse every few seconds. This is one reason I am grateful for Software with great keyboard shortcuts and also that are easily customisable. Terminal (or terminal emulator) and command prompt which you do not really need to use the mouse. Websites with great keyboard shortcuts…

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Windows Tips – Move Window Between Multiple Monitor(s)

Most of us now have additional external monitor in our workspace. Having more than one screen, which I find, makes one productive, especially when you need to reference data on another application. Using Alt Tab to switch between applications is not the best thing to do. Prior to this, to move a window between monitors, I would use the mouse and drag it to the other screen. I have been doing this for years. I see other people doing this…

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