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SSH Keys Suddenly Refused to Connect

Strangely, my Debian system (running on WSL) suddenly refused to connect to both Gitlab and GitHub using my SSH keys. Everything was fine when I last used it a couple of weeks ago. But now running the command ssh -Tv returns a “Connection timed out” error. And I didn’t see the same issue using the same SSH keys on a Ubuntu system (also running on WSL) and Git Bash on Windows. So, there is no issues with my SSH…

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‘git status’ in Your Prompt

Did you know: You can have a visual representation of the git status command output in your shell prompt? This is especially convenient for people who use the git command-line interface (CLI). Unfortunately, this doesn’t work with the Windows command prompt or cmd. But there are a few workarounds. Disclaimer: For this part of the article, I will show the how-tos by using Debian (on Windows Subsystem for Linux or WSL) and FreeBSD as examples. These are the Unix-like…

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