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Coding Music With Sonic Pi

Sonic Pi Lately, I have been playing with Sonic Pi. In a nutshell, it is a music synthesizer. But instead of toggling knobs, switches, keys and what not, we write code. Ruby code to be exact. Sonic Pi was created by Sam Aaron. A bit of history now, if you have not heard of him, he, together with Johnathan Graham, was Meta-eX. They performed live coding music. Besides that, they also did tech talks to promote coding and music to…

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Tip-of-the-day Tips

We know it inside-out. Or do we? In our day-to-day life, we use a number of things or tools to get things done. Here, I want to touch mainly on software or applications, which we use almost everyday in our computer, smartphone, or tablet. Source: Windows 95 Tips, Tricks and Tweaks If anyone noticed, especially softwares on a desktop computer, there will always be a “Tip of the day” or “Did you know?” pop-out window. Most of us find it…

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I’m Now Licensed Under Creative Commons

Well, this website actually, including the blogs posts. Everything published here is now licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. In short, this means that you are allowed to (including for commercial works) share any of the blog posts published here with anyone. use any of the blog posts to produce any form of works. There is just one request: Please provide a link back to the content and reference me as the author. You can do it…

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I used to blog at my wordpress site. But now I have decided to merge both my website and blog since I already have my domain name and hosting. Unfortunately, this was something I had put off for a very long time. What I will be blogging about? Hacks, things which inspires me and passionate about – coding/scripting, software development/engineering, tech, art, music, my kids. How-to articles especially for my own reference. My doodles (maybe). Why blogging? To share things I’ve learned to…

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