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My Experience with Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL)

One day on my way back home, I was listening to one of Hanselminutes’s podcast episodes titled “Inside Linux on Windows with WSL and Tara Raj”. This reminded me of the first time I tried it when Microsoft first announced it back in 2016. Then, it was called “Bash on Windows” and Microsoft collaborated with Canonical, the company behind Ubuntu. Personally, I didn’t use it much. It was just another shiny new toy and I didn’t have a use for…

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A War With My Laptop’s Touchpad

I use a 15″ HP Pavillion and the touchpad drives me crazy. This happens with Dells’ as well. The one thing about the touchpad that bugs me, is when I start typing and ghostly things would start to happen such as my web browser will be the active window and new tabs and/or windows will start opening; or the right-click context menu would appear. Changing the sensitivity of the touchpad didn’t help. When I am using my laptop, it’s either…

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Refresh Environment Variables in Windows Command Prompt

Have you ever added an environment variable in Windows and having to close and re-open the command prompt just to use it? Or worse, having to reboot Windows. I just found this cool command when I used Chocolatey to install maven. Right at the end of the installation, Chocolatey prompt me to run the refreshenv command to have the environment variable change(s) take effect without re-opening the command prompt. alvin@ALVINSIM-HP C:\Users\alvin\ > refreshenv Refreshing environment variables from registry for cmd.exe.…

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Symlink Me, Windows!

Microsoft Windows has this feature called symbolic links since Windows Vista. But, I am guessing not many are aware of this feature, nor did I. It wasn’t until I had a need for it and tried searching if there were any 3rd party applications which provided this feature. And I found this How-To Geek article. Eventually, I found other articles on this subject. What are symbolic links? Symbolic links are pointers referencing to another file or directory at a different…

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Windows Tips – Move Window Between Multiple Monitor(s)

Most of us now have additional external monitor in our workspace. Having more than one screen, which I find, makes one productive, especially when you need to reference data on another application. Using Alt Tab to switch between applications is not the best thing to do. Prior to this, to move a window between monitors, I would use the mouse and drag it to the other screen. I have been doing this for years. I see other people doing this…

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Things I Do After I Install Windows

1. Connect to a (trusted) network After the Windows installation completes successfully, I’d connect it to the Internet. This is so that I can update Windows with the latest security patches, and download the necessary applications. 2. Windows Update It is always important to always keep your Windows (or any other OS you use) up-to-date with the latest security patches and updates. 3. Check Windows Settings For Windows prior to Windows 10, I would configure Windows Update to notify only…

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